Your ASENZ lead-generating website is built from the ground up to work for you

Other web marketing companies turn to third-party software and programmers to build and maintain their clients’ websites, but we had the bright idea of developing a customizable platform that not only provides everything you need in a lead-generating website but makes costly custom programming virtually unnecessary. Years of intense development later, ASENZ 360 Modules were born.

Your website will function as seamlessly as your business

Looking to make online sales? There’s a module for that. Email your customers? Ditto. Track their browsing habits? Yep. In fact, our web platform does all that and much more, but you’ll only pay for the modules you use. The entire system is built and ready when you are, so as your business grows, new challenges can be tackled online by activating new modules with a simple click of a button.

Let your modules do the “thinking” for you

Even as your modules operate independently, they communicate to save you time and effort. For example, a purchase from your online store isn’t just a purchase — it’s a chain reaction: Your customer automatically gains loyalty points and, at the same time, receives a personalized thank-you email. And it’s all accompanied by a digital paper trail that lets you keep an eye on every interaction.

Content management made easy

Our system is ready to go when you are, but we won’t leave you to navigate it alone. We’ll train you on our user-friendly platform and before you know it, you’ll be posting photos, creating links, and updating your blog — all with a few clicks of the mouse. You’ll even be able to manage entire email marketing campaigns without breaking a sweat.

Mix, match and maximize

ASENZ Adaptive Modules help you get the most out of your website. Forget the hassle and expense of custom programming. Your site will do everything you need it to — and nothing you don’t.

ASENZ Adaptive Modules

The all-inclusive approach to producing lead-generating websites!
These are the core features built into your lead-generating website.
Based on the package you purchase, these modules will be activated or they can be added when necessary as you grow your business.
Manage your marketing and email database in one place
Create email marketing promotions and eNewsletters
Manage your site your way
We build it, you easily manage your e-store
Track your website’s analytics and email statistics
An easy-to-use forum to provide content (text, photos, graphs and videos) your current and potential customers want to read