Marching to Success

World Class Drum Corps


We had the pleasure of creating their first web presence when this marching band moved to San Antonio in 2006. With a hard deadline to separate from the Pennsylvania group, we had to work fast. Our account coordinator worked with the owner, who was on tour with the drum corps using a satellite connection from their bus. Together, we marveled at the wonders of the Internet since our account coordinator was working from a similar connection on a cruise ship in the Caribbean.


With a small staff working from remote locations, the website had to serve as their communications and sales channels.


Thirteen years and thousands of miles later, we’ve helped this client grow into a world-class drum and bugle corps. Having embraced online selling for merchandise, tickets, donations, and band camp registration; the drum corps now conducts almost all of its business online. They use the integrated email marketing system for their communications, especially to alert band members and their families about upcoming events.


When four bulk emails were sent recently to announce upcoming band camps, the client achieved a staggering 61% click-through rate to the registration page and collected over 453 payments.

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