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REFRESH MARKETING is a WEBSITE DESIGN and online marketing company with a very specific goal

Develop the best, most cost-effective, lead-generating website platform for small to medium-sized businesses in today’s very competitive internet advertising field. Every website we produce is built right here in our offices. Our coding and support are not outsourced.


REFRESH MARKETING is a ONLINE marketing company that believes in the power of online marketing

A beautifully-designed, lead-generating website that tells your story in a compelling manner and ranks well so you are found online is the first necessary component of any digital marketing effort. A comprehensively developed online marketing plan in many cases is the next step. REFRESH MARKETING has experts who understand small to medium-sized business budgets and how to develop cost-effective online marketing plans that produce the results you’re after.


REFRESH MARKETING is a TRADITIONAL marketing company that understands the importance of offline advertising

Traditional advertising (print) is an important component to completing your online campaigns.  Our experts have years of finding the right balance between online and offline advertising.
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WE BELIEVE that in order to compete in today’s economy, a successful website requires a technologically sophisticated web platform.
WE BELIEVE a great website puts the smallest of companies on equal footing with competitors of all sizes.
WE BELIEVE successful marketing requires proven methods, a technologically sophisticated website, plus a thorough understanding of your industry, your company and the people behind it.
WE BELIEVE with a cutting-edge website and expert online and offline marketing, any business of any size can compete, grow and prosper.

Let us help you grow!

Businesses like yours are using REFRESH MARKETING to grow their companies. They know that an effective online presence is more important than ever before.

REFRESH MARKETING has hundreds of happy clients in a wide variety of industries.  We’d thoroughly enjoy adding you to our growing “happy list”.

Remember, you don’t have to become an expert.We do it all for you!