Refresh Marketing offers flexible and value generating digital marketing services for business across a range of industries. Spending the time to understand the unique qualities of your enterprise, allows us to build engaging content that is quickly deployed across multiple channels via our robust platform. We partner with you to develop a custom set of solutions with your long-term goals in mind.
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Boost your presence across all platforms with flexible social media marketing strategies. 

When you know what to post and when to post it, you remain active and relevant to your audience. Plus, monitoring and measuring your activity and engagement makes it easier to guide your content. Refresh Marketing wants to help you define your social media marketing direction, pre-plan content, organize, and execute!


The potential that SEO has for making a significant impact on increasing your leads and sales is huge.

We consider SEO a fundamental part of any marketing strategy. It isn’t a marketing cost, it’s an investment. It gets better with the more attention it receives. Our experienced pros know how to use SEO effectively to help your website be easily discoverable, build trust, establish credibility and create a positive user experience


Providing useful content to prospects and customer is at the core of your marketing.

As a forward-thinking marketer, you already know that just pitching your products and services is only part of the story. The benefits of building customer loyalty by providing valuable and relevant information to your audience are enormous. Content marketing not only builds trust, it keeps your business at top-of-mind to help drive profitable customer action.


Email marketing consistently returns the best ROI of any customer or prospect communication.

Thousands of businesses of all sizes across the globe use email marketing. And for good reason—it works! With strategic planning, smart design and targeted content, we help you deliver, track and evaluate personalized messages to cultivate and maintain quality prospects and customers


Target the exact audience that’s most likely to purchase your product or service

Because so many consumers spend much of their time online, what better way to reach them than digitally. Whether it’s paid search, social, or display advertising, Refresh Marketing can help you navigate the most effective advertising channels available today!


Increasing visibility in your area and managing all of your business reviews is more important than ever.

Let us help your business find buyers—and get noticed—with our local listing and review management service. You’ll love having all your listings, reviews and keyword rankings on a single platform.

“My clients depend on me to build and execute custom marketing programs that deliver results. Refresh Marketing is a great partner and integral to my business. Their strategies and design solutions are scalable and flexible for any size company with any size budget.”

Cari Holbrook, President

A La Mode Marketing

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