A digital-first agency

Established in 2019, Refresh Marketing has services over 150 clients ranging from small entrepreneurs to large corporations, and provides hosting and management services to 115+ websites. Working from three cities on two continents as a fully distributed organization, robust operational processes use a good balance of technology and project management tools to provide professional digital marketing products and services to help grow and support our clients.

The experiences of building an effective and efficient firm that interacts in a primarily virtual environment, assures we are able to effectively service partners in a range of geographies, as well as being able to offer services and solutions to companies looking to take not only their marketing but their operations into the digital realm.

The network

While we are proud of the capabilities and range of services of our in-house team, Refresh Marketing is also able to provide access to its tested network content makers, designers and coders for partners with projects which require a higher level of manhours and capabilities. Across the US, Europe and Asia we have built a web of trusted relationships that assure the effective execution of a wide range of projects, no matter the scale or level of complexity. Further, via our relationship with Xceed Advisory and Xceed Ventures, Refresh Marketing is able to access a wide range of experienced professionals with deep networks in a range of industries.

Do you have a new venture?
Considering opening a new market? 
Looking for operational or financial support to scale your business?

When Refresh Marketing is your digital marketing partner you have access to our whole network of resources; beyond just marketing we are ready to provide support across a range of modalities to bring your strategic vision to fruition.

The Team

Our dedicated and passionate team stands ready to undertake a range of projects to assist you in accomplishing your business goals.

Raj Jr Headshot

Raj Natarajan Jr 


Raj Natarajan Jr has 16 years of experience operating across 4 continents and has been responsible for projects in the Real Estate, Hospitality and Information Technology sectors. He has a deep understanding of operations from the frontline to management and brings a solution driven orientation to the scaling of enterprises. In his capacity as director and co-founder of Xceed Advisory and Xceed Ventures, Raj has been actively involved in the building and scaling of innovative firms in the digital space, including Refresh Marketing.

Based on experience gained by creating, growing and then profitably selling a distributed cloud based GIS solution for Earth Data Solutions, he gained a first hand understanding of the complexities involved with executing effective B2B digital marketing strategies. Currently, Raj is focused on refining and implementing Refresh Marketing’s Digital Marketing Partner strategy, and has built a distributed team in India and the US to offer enterprise grade BPO, IT support services, software development and digital marketing solutions to small and medium size firms.

Bio Jean

Jean Rowan 


Jean’s enthusiasm and compassion for addressing customer needs, along with her many years of technical and industry knowledge, allows her to quickly adapt to changing circumstances and client requests. Further, she has a finely honed ability to do thorough competitive analyses and identify the right market niche for businesses allowing her to effectively strategize and execute online initiatives for hundreds of businesses across dozens of industries.

With her overarching goal of helping small to medium-sized businesses succeed online, Jean makes every effort to engage and deliver an amazing experience for every client. Understanding that customers’ emotions and needs aren’t one-size-fits all, she is an active listener who recognizes and understands both individual and company requirements. Those qualities continue to allow Jean to foster successful and meaningful long term relationships with our clients.

Finally, the combination of her unique voice and many years of experience in the marketing space make Jean an especially effective creator of content which can supercharge the effectiveness of your digital marketing efforts.

Arun Headshot 1


Head of Product Development - Project Management Wizard

With 15 years of experience in Project Management, Product Development and business analysis, Arun brings a passion for  managing complex deployments, and transforming client business ideas into digital products. With a focus on  providing suitable technology solutions that are a value addition to the enterprises for which they are executed, he delivers unique products that draw on his vast experience in building and managing SaaS based solutions.

His strong analytical and interpersonal skill, knowledge in arriving at accurate estimations and schedules, a background in risk management, and a proven track record of responsible quality control and user acceptance testing, assure that projects which Arun oversees regularly over delivery.  From providing support in project management to database architecture development, he is comfortable working across multiple platforms, and with distributed project teams.

Abu Headshot


Head of UI/UX Development - Design Guru

As the Lead  Designer for Refresh Marketing, Abuthahir brings his sharp eye and refined aesthetic sensibility to all of his projects. He is a passionate, user centered UI/UX Designer with the experience to lead a collaborative and innovative team focus on creating visually delightful and easy-to-use digital products, websites and branding  for Refresh Marketing and its clients.

As a creative and detail oriented person, Abu loves doing research on solving problems and how to track the entire user journey within a website or digital product. This translates to a final product that is tailored to achieve the desired user experience. He is able to effectively apply the goal oriented design language to projects ranging from branding, digital media, traditional media, and any product where an effective user interface is requisite.

Manojh Headshot

Manojh Kumar

Digital Marketing Consultant - SEO Ninja

With 10 years of experience in the Digital marketing industry, Manojhkumar is perfectly placed to help small medium businesses harness the power of Digital media to boost their revenue. Focus areas include Search Engine Marketing (SEM), Search Engine Optimization (SEO, Google Ads, Landing Page Optimization (A/B tests), Social Media Marketing (paid and organic), Content Strategy, Link Building, and Lead Generation.

He has the ability to bring analytics, client needs, and user experience together for results-driven campaigns that drive Lead generation and brand awareness. Having worked in project management roles, and being tasked with creating deliverable based marketing materials, have taught him how to meet deadlines and how to foster relationships with internal and external teams. His expertise includes developing elevated and complex communication and content strategies for small medium businesses, and national brands in many verticals.

Manojhkumar believes collaborative relationships between his team and the clients is the best way to uncover pain points, create innovative content, and ultimately achieve healthy business results.

Arunkumar Headshot


Head of Technical Support & IT - Training and Deployment Master

Arunkumar does the work to make sure our physical and Cloud Servers architecture are secure and optimized, to make sure Refresh Marketing continues to provide site uptime metrics which beat industry standards. Across multiple platforms he works in the background to resolve many client issues before they manifest as a service disruption, and also stands ready to resolve a range of issues that can be brought to his attention by the team or our clients on a daily basis.

Driving by the belief that there are no stupid questions, he is very keen to adapt himself in order to cater to all the IT related queries in a fashion that is clear, easy to understand, and effective. Creating a user friendly environment for all parties engaging Refresh Marketing’s services is his abiding goal. To this end Arunkumar makes sure to track all the issues faced by our clients and do proper analysis to find out the root cause of issues, thus ensuring the application of an effective solution, and providing the data for the rest of the team to iterate out the possibility of error replication

Anoob Headshot


Head of QA/QC - Research Genius

With a sharp eye and unflappable understanding that the details matter, Anoob assures that all Refresh Marketing executions meet our exacting standards via the application of an organized quality assurance/quality control process. His experience in managing teams to execute internationally-compliant data management solutions assures that all QA/QC processes are run with the goal of delivering solutions that are responsive to the needs of a specific client or project.

Additionally, Anoob’s exactitude and holistic thinking skills make him an asset for any project with a research component. Whether it is digital footprint analysis, building demographic datasets,broad based web scraping, or the creation of targeted cross reference sets he stands ready to execute web research focused on providing the data required for client success. 

Poornima Headshot


Senior Web Designer  -  Configuration Guru

Poornima is passionate about conceptualizing creative ideas with clients to create sites that present the unique aspects of the business they represent. With an abiding interest in testing and improving the design of websites, she loves establishing design guidelines, standards, and best practices. Maintaining the uniform appearance of web pages by enforcing content standards, and designing visual imagery that is on brand are qualities inherent in all the projects to which she contributes.

When she is not working on designing consistent visually appealing imagery for websites, Poornima displays her technical alacrity in her work configuring sites on different content management systems. She brings an innovative design language and process oriented implementation style to the creation of sample pages, colors and fonts, so that what a client approves in proof translates effectively into live execution.