Our Work 3 Alamo Biologics

MEDICAL  |   Alamo Biologics, formerly known as Alamo Tissue Service, is a full service tissue bank offering high quality allografts and biologics. Premier services include research and development, contract manufacturing, and storage facilities. They distribute to dental clinics, hospitals, surgical clinics, and other tissue banks.

Work Performed

Messaging and target audience strategy, web design and development, content development.

Background & Needs

As one of the top tissue banks in the nation, Alamo Biologics sets themselves apart by using a revolutionary, patented sterilization process that extracts unwanted compounds from soft tissues used for transplants. We worked closely with their scientists and marketing team to develop an extensive online product portfolio so the medical community can easily select sports medicine grafts, general orthopaedic, amniografts and specialty grafts. It was also important that the site highlight the company’s commitment to distributing donated tissue in a respectful manner along with their long history of donor partnerships. Alamo Biologics reports continued growth within the allograft industry due in large part to its strong presence online.