Engaging Refresh Marketing as your digital marketing partner provides full access to our robust suite of tools, many of which are detailed below.  All of these capabilities are delivered in a SaaS model to all parties with a website designed and hosted by Refresh Marketing, as well as being available as a customized managed service on a recurring or intermittent basis.  We are here to help you in whatever fashion best suits your business needs.


Sending emails to your customers is one of the most effective ways to stay in touch with them, generate same account sales, and keep your business top of mind with potential new clients. From ready-made templates to fully customizable options, Refresh Marketing gives you the  tools to make this possible.

Email Templates

Pre built email layout for any kind of audience

Easy to edit

Pick a design and make it yours with a simple editing, like adding an image to grab attention, link to relevant content, or use a button to drive clicks and engagement.

Responsive Design

All layouts are made with RM’s responsive designs, so your emails will look great whether they’re viewed on mobile or desktop.

Inbuilt Analytics

Measure, analyse, and refine with native email marketing analytics.

  • Real Time: See how your campaign is performing while it’s still live.
  • Complete cycle: Once you’ve sent your emails, go back and track 
    your stats (opens, clicks, and views) through the platform.
  • Easy to Learn: Email analytics work in tandem with your website’s
     analytics, making it easy to see organic vs. marketing traffic.


Use advanced email marketing tools to automate your email marketing efforts, streamline contact list management, and personalize every message you send.

Email Automation

For many repetitive customer interactions, there is an marketing automated solution within the Refresh email builder tool. With this feature it is also possible to create drip campaigns, so that you can set up a series of automated emails all at once.


Personalize bulk mails with specific customer data using a range of macros integrations

Data Aggregation

The location of, extraction, transport and normalization of raw data into actionable datasets is as simple as coming up with an idea of the places to look.

Contact List Management

Measure, analyse, and refine with native email marketing analytics.

  • Grow: Build your mailing list by adding a newsletter block or promotional pop-up to your site or a subscribe option at checkout.
  • Manage: View your customers, subscribers, and members in the Profiles Panel. 
  • Engage: Build and save segments to create a custom audience and send targeted communications


Create specific landing pages for each campaign or offer


Inbuilt Pre Design templates for each business

Drag and Drop

Change customize or add anything to the template

Mobile Friendly

Mobile responsive pages

Custom Domains

Redirect to Refresh Hosting for Custom domains

A/B Testing

Perfect your message by determining what works by using comparative metrics to drive iteration


Each Refresh website or online store comes with a suite of integrated features and useful guides that help maximize prominence among search results.

Proper SEO is the result of all the hard work you do to improve your position on search engines’ result pages. An SEO strategy involves many things, like keyword research, implementing those keywords into your title, description, alt text, and throughout your site, and more tasks in order to get your website ranking higher. To keep track and implement all these steps, Refresh Marketing  provides you with a customized checklist to assure proper implementation. SEO features include:

  • Robots.Txt Editor
  • Structured Data
  • Dynamic XML Sitemaps
  • Custom Meta Tags
  • Image Optimization
  • Smart Caching
  • Mobile Friendly
  • Site Verification
  • Google Search Console Verification
  • Analytics
  • SSL Certificate Validation
  • BLOG

    One of the most important SEO strategies is blogging. It’s an important tool for helping your business to rank higher in search results due to the fact that it adds more related and useful content to your website in the eyes of Google and site visitors.

    There are many more reasons that blogging platforms are worth your time, like allowing you to inspire and educate your readers, establish yourself as an expert in your field, or simply use it as another way to market your products.

    • Use your own business URL
    • Enable Subscription through email
    • Automatic Integration with Social Media Platforms
    • Make Publishing Easy
    • Blog Analytics to measure growth over time
    • Track Article performance
    • Measure visitors and leads

    After you’ve created your blog, you can start building up a community of followers. This can be done by allowing users to sign up to your site and receive access to exclusive offers, visitors can follow posts, comment on them.  Refresh Marketing can also craft a custom content creation solution to meet specific needs or goals. 


    Highlight important announcements like seasonal sales with intuitive banners and promotions.


    On top of bringing shoppers to your website, a discount will keep them coming back for more. you can take advantage of the seamlessly integrated Coupons with the Refresh online store’s user dashboard. Here you can choose to offer customized discounts on specific products and services by price value or percent, a buy one get one deal, sale price, or free shipping.

    After entering details such as your contact information, client details, and billing options, you can create a custom invoice for your business to either print out or email to your customers directly.


    With advanced measuring tools, you can see which page your site visitors are on and therefore send customized, targeted coupons in real-time through live chat while they’re shopping for specific products. This can be done with a live chat and Forms


    Understand your audience with Refresh’s holistic view of your website analytics, including pageviews and sales

    • Monitor visitor numbers
    • Check trends over time
    • Get alerts when traffic is spiking or dipping
    • Track sales and conversions


    A marketing strategy is not whole without a social media presence. Refresh has integrations with all of the leading social platforms so your customers can keep up-to-date with the latest from your website and even buy your products directly from Instagram. There are multiple other features available too, such as social promotion capabilities, searchable hashtags.

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